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Support for CCCS

Loyalty Programs

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Cape Charles Christian School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit under Internal Revenue regulations and donations to CCCS are eligible for tax-deductions as allowed by law.

The Annual Fund

The Board of Cape Charles Christian School has established an Annual Fund to raise critical funding for the general operation of the school. These funds allow us to keep tuition low and stimulate creative programs within the classrooms.

Any amount you contribute puts CCCS one step closer to its goals. Please consider making a one-time or recurring gift online.

One-Time Donation:                                   Recurring Monthly Donation:

You set the amount, donate once.             Just $1/day ($30/mo)

In addition, designated gifts, memorials, matching gifts, and gifts of securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) are all viable and effective ways to support CCCS. Please contact us if this is something you are interested to know more about.


Please join us and create a scholarship in your name, that of a loved one, for a civic organization, or your business.  We work with each sponsor to craft a scholarship that best suits their needs. You may choose to sponsor a child of your employee, students who are part of your organization/church, or students who meet certain requirements or qualifications. 

We ask that scholarships be at least $250 and we encourage multiple small scholarships from a sponsor rather than fewer large scholarships.  A full scholarship for the 2013/2014 academic year is $5,500.


Several programs or physical spaces have been defined for sponsorship opportunities. If your passion is technology, reading, or sports, perhaps sponsoring a program such as computers, furniture, landscaping, or renovations would be the right vehicle for your support. Contact CCCS for more information.

Volunteer Your Time

We welcome committed parents and community members interested in sharing their skills and expertise with our students. There are many jobs in need of volunteers! These include: teachers aides, office help, assistance at fundraising events, community lecturers, chapel leaders, grants writers, hot lunch organizers, field assistants, or before/after care monitors.  Please call (757) 331-1717 or email if you have time to volunteer.

Partner & Loyalty Programs

Many corporations or organizations that you may already patronize have education-oriented programs that benefit our School. Please designate Cape Charles Christian School as your target recipient in programs such as United Way.