We are therefore Christ's ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ's behalf: Be reconciled to God.       2 Corinthians 5:20


About CCCS

What began as a conversation between a few parents one afternoon has grown, with inspiration and faithful determination, to serve students in Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, employ staff, renovate church facilities, and connect a community.

Our Vision

Imagine a school with curious, happy, confident students, where the teachers love to teach, where the curriculum can shift with the weather or the attention of the group, and where God is not “separated” from life.

Our vision is to create an alternative education option for Northampton County. We aim to provide an encouraging, supportive, creative environment for our children with an integrated Christian perspective.

Our Mission

Trusting in God’s guidance, the mission of Cape Charles Christian School is to educate and develop the Whole Child in a non-denominational Christian setting.

The concept of “The Whole Child” includes:

The Mind: a scholarly approach to learning and a commitment to wisdom and lifelong learning     Read More

The Body: a recognition of the value of healthy, active living     Read More

The Spirit: a personal spirituality based on prayer, faith tradition, relationship with community and living one’s beliefs through service to God and man     Read More

The Community: living out Christ’s message of becoming servant leaders     Read More

Our History

Our history is brief, but far from idle. In February 2009, a conversation after church one Sunday lit the spark. Several public meetings helped to gather more interest and supporters. On July 29, 2009, the group convened and elected a Board of Directors. September 8, 2009, marked the first day of school with 54 students enrolled.

Our Logo

When you see our logo, take note of its parts. Each is, of course, representative of our local culture and community. The ship represents the body of learning that our students will take on and carry with them on their journey. Notice that the ship’s mast, the strength and core of a ship, is a cross.

The legend of the sand dollar, a backdrop to the boat, tells of the birth and death of Jesus. Study a sand dollar and you’ll see a poinsettia, an Easter lily, the star of Bethlehem, and holes representing Jesus on the cross. If you break the sand dollar in the center, you will see five white doves of peace and good will. And last, the circle, a symbol of promise and connection, represents our community, our churches, our friends and our families.

Administration & Faculty

Books are books. Buildings are buildings. It’s the people that make it work. The people behind Cape Charles Christian School are loving, dedicated, driven, and thoughtful. They approach each day and each student with open arms and minds. They seek and find the special qualities and gifts that God gave each one of us to nurture and develop. For more information on our Administration & Faculty, read more here.

Cape Charles Christian School is the only school in Northampton County where 100% of teachers are state certified.


CCCS is working to achieve accreditation from the VAIS (Virginia Association of Independent Schools). A school may not begin the application process until it has been in operation for 5 years, and the process is lengthy.

The CCCS Difference

Small Class sizes

Curriculum customized to each student

Academic excellence

Dedicated teachers who love to teach and instill the love of learning

Involvement of Parents is strongly encouraged

Relationships with Community and Church are strengthened